Content producers will be closest with its consumers, co-creating according to their preferences and generating new strategies to attract them.

There has been a lost of interesting changes in content consumption in the past five years. Thanks to the democratization of distribution and the reduced costs of production, many artists and creators have all the tools to generate content, reach an audience and monetize its productions without distributors.

This trend will continue as distributors, filmmakers and exhibitors will have to adjust its business mode. You will no longer see releases exclusively for cinema theaters. Instead there will be multiplatform releases, with a high priority on digital subscription services, movies created for mobile devices and with online marketing strategies.

Those strategies will be not only for watching the movies, but also to create an experience around them. People will be able to watch them, share them, analyze them and create them.

Mash-up generation will be able to co-create the script and invent a customized editing and finales. For the first time in history, people will be an active participant on how content is created.

Access to extra features, direct communication with directors, producers and actors will be a common practice. Content will be more social.


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