Minority Report

Security of personal data is becoming a sensitive issue. Any device connected to the Internec can become a threat towards confidenciality.

It is not difficult to remember films that tells the stories of stolen identities to disapear a person or creating the illusion that never existed. Or highly sofisticated delinquents that steal a bank with only a click from their computers. All of this stories are not being scince fiction anymore.

As people tend to share too much information through social networks, the security landscape for the next years seems threatened by numerous informational attacks. Here is a visualization from Facebook that shows in blue how much information from the social network was published for the entire internet in 2010 (Inside Facebook, 2010):

The steal of information from sectors like education or health will be more common.  Data from students of patients can also represent a goldmine for hackers, to be exploited freely and unethically.

There is also a lack of security monitoring towards cars, refrigerators, printers,  IP phones, and other tools that are also connected to the Internet and should be protected. Think about someone can acces the documents you send to your printer. Even worse, in the future, someone could hack a pacemaker to really hurt someone.

Education and ethical behaviours are key when security issues increase in the world.

NOTE: An interesting video sent to me by @TinkTugeder on Twitter that puts some drama to the security issues.


One thought on “Minority Report

  1. Diego,

    Your post highlights a very important point about the risks of sharing information via social networks. Everything that we post and share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., can be spread all over the internet in a matter of seconds, making users vulnerable to identity theft and hacking attempts. The video that you shared shows how easily and quickly our personal and private information can be shared with internet users worldwide, without our knowledge. The video also shows that social media users must be cautious of who they are sharing information with and aware that anything that they post online can and most likely will be seen by anyone, anywhere.

    Thanks for sharing this video! It really shows how easily social media user’s information can be distorted and shared online, regardless of the security settings users apply.


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