Digital Entrepreneurship

¿How will be the entrepreneur of the future? A friendly environment will prevail, with options to try new projects, supported by private institutions and the government.

The world will be transformed from a consumer-centric to a creation-centric society. World’s development will allow turning ideas into companies that will be supported by mentorship and venture capital from across the globe, allowing the identification of global needs.

Globalized education systems will equip new entrepreneurs with modern ideation tools, systematic intellectual property protection laws and easier patent processes.


Entrepreneurial prototypes of the future will validate with marketing tools that will promote automatically new products through the network, sending news to the upcoming devices that will replace tablets and smart phones.

The future entrepreneur will develop activities focusing in creatively achieving results. Production will be centralized in knowledge, combining known products to create new solutions.

Being an entrepreneur will be very dynamic, as most people will be focused on creativity. The environment will facilitate the personal development through devices that encourage the freethinking and strengthen the community sense.


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