Technology will make us more humans

The every day use of technology not only must facilitate our lives; it should also aggregate a deeper and profound meaning to our vision as humanity and inclusion of every gender, race or social condition.

¿How our lives will change? Lets unleash our imagination to think about some concepts already happening and others still to come. For me, cloud computing will represent the most radical of the changes. I will pay a lot of subscription services and goods. For example, razors will come to my home each month through

Through subscription services, today, I can get TV, disk space for my family pictures and office documents, access to my favorite videogames, virtual classes like this IMC Master, and access to all my office information systems so I can be more productive wherever I am.

But, can we think even further? Maybe, I will be able to access all “my life in the cloud” services from any place and device on the planet Earth (and out of it). Depending on the device I will use, my fingerprints, eye recognition or the electromagnetic pattern of my body will make that “all the World” (even electronic devices) know my profile and preferences. In the future, humanity will trust more the strangers.

There will be also advanced analytical technology that will correlate, predict and detect all my data in order to respond any question based on the knowledge of the mankind to that time.  Just as 23andme, who can predict your future health issues, managing risk and helping your to make informed prevention decisions.

So, what will be my added value at work? An algorithm will easily replace me? My contribution will come from my ideas. As long as I still have them and be smart enough to invest my time on the best ones. Innovation will be key. Humanity will get more creative and smarter.

Finally, what will be the mankind challenges since everything our brain does will be replicated by a supercomputer? This will test our own humanity and our capacity to use technology to plan a better future. A better communion between different points of view will be demanded and needed. ¿Are humans ready for this challenge? Humans will be, hopefully, more humans.

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One thought on “Technology will make us more humans

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog post. The advancement in technology and how the cloud works of storing data, especially human data with is very unreal, but knowing that this is the wave of the future. The major question I have, does this become to big brother? Meaning that all this technology out there being collected on the cloud that we as humans become a part of a larger database then we already are? Who has access to these various clouds and what happens if there is a security breach, could it be possible that larger identity theft? This article is a catch 22, as the technology in emerging medias is great, but the human aspect seems to get lost.

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