Le PC est mort, vive le PC!

PC will evolve to hybrid devices, with the predominance of touch screens and technology you can wear.


I don’t think there is a PC definition anymore. This device has evolved to many different mechanisms that will never die. Smart phones, tablets, and hybrid devices will remain very popular in the future. Also, the mouse will be replaced with touch devices, exploring the creative nature of the human being. Stylus, however, will remain as an art expression form; just as the pen survived the typewriter and hand painting.

I believe in the endless possibilities and current trends of the evolution from “personal computers” to “wearable computers”. Embedded in our clothes and integrated to our every day lifestyle. Not only sports performance will be benefit (as the Nike Fuel Band showed) but also imagine the medical implication of having 24/7 diagnoses near your skin.

The most expected “wearable computer” device of this year will be the Google Glasses.  There’s been talk of a Google augmented reality project for years, but now Google has officially unveiled that its Project Glass Augmented Reality glasses are beginning to be tested in public. Apparently this device will be for sale by the end of 2013.

Will you wear a personal computer on your head most of the day?


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